Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments are investment opportunities outside of the traditional stock and bond markets. We seek to identify alternative investment opportunities that offer a premium in return to the stock market with less volatility, and to identify strategies that offer non-market-correlated returns.

Aditum Group has focused on certain assets classes and strategies where we have particular experience and relationships. Aditum Group professionals have a unique perspective of the public markets via capital markets professional trading experience and deep private market industry relationships to identify quality alternative investment opportunities.

Private Equity

A wide ranging term that encompasses a vast array of private investments opportunities. For our purposes, Private Equity includes firms that invest in private company growth, reorganization, etc.

Real Estate

Generally considered the leading alternative investment category. Aditum Group focuses on providing access to institutional quality private real estate opportunities.

Venture Capital

A more risky asset class that often comes with a longer timeline of illiquidity. It is imperative that prospective investors understand the risk/reward profile. Aditum Group provides access to Venture Capital Fund opportunities.

Non-Market Correlated Strategies

There are a vast array of strategies that seek to provide attractive returns without exposure to the stock market. Private credit. Life Settlements. Litigation Finance. Etc. Aditum Group commits to provide access to high-quality managers of non-market correlated strategies.